Technical Service


Boilernova products are factory tested at the end of the production cycle. Our Technical Department is available to help customers choose the right product for their specific needs, as well as for any other requirements or issues that may arise during installation on site. Our Technical Service covers the whole of the country and provides a prompt response to any problems that may arise.


  • BOILERNOVA Srl guarantees the quality of the materials used in the construction of its products and will, throughout the warranty period, replace any products recognised as being defective if such defect is not due to incorrect installation, caused by external mechanical factors (knocks or damage during assembly on site or transport), user inexperience or negligence, or insufficient maintenance. Products recognised as being defective under the terms of the warranty must be returned to BOILERNOVA Srl, after having received written authorisation from the Quality Department.
  • The warranty period varies depending on the specific product, and is specified by the colour of the code shown on the price list.

stainless steel copper coils
electrical material

2/3 year warranty extension for storage cylinders used in solar heating systems, to be agreed upon directly with the sales office at the time of purchase


The goods, even if sold freight paid, are shipped at the purchaser’s risk. In the event of differences regarding the quantity and/or quality of material, the recipient must provide notification within 24 hours of receipt; any complaints regarding quality or quantity will only be accepted if sent in writing within 8 days from receipt of the goods; after such term claims will no longer be accepted.


The BOILERNOVA Srl product codes have ten characters. The first seven characters can be identified in the tables shown, the last three characters specify the product finish.

Es. Z02: sky blue color (Z), standard features (02)


  • Z = RAL 5015 sky blue
  • B = RAL 9003 signal white 
  • Y = RAL 9006 white aluminium

SPECIAL COLOURS (with surcharge)

  • A = RAL 2004 pure orange
  • E = RAL 1001 beige
  • W = RAL 7047 Telegrey 4
  • O = RAL 1015 light ivory 
  • L = RAL 5010 Gentian blue
  • G = RAL 1021 rape yellow
  • R = RAL 3000 flame red
  • I = RAL 7032 pebble grey 
  • V = RAL 6026 opal green


  • 00 = Not supplied (the storage cylinder is delivered without insulation and without features)
  • 02 = Standard features (described in the price list for each product)
  • XX = Supplied specifically to quotation (quotation no. and date must be shown on the order)