About Us

Boilernova is a young company, founded in 2004, yet backed by the more than twenty year experience of its founding partners in the heating business, specifically storage cylinders and tanks.The company’s headquarters are in Zevio, Verona province (Italy). At Boilernova we design, manufacture and market several different ranges of storage cylinders, offering a wide choice in terms of sizes, storage capacity, installation and suitability for use in mixed systems with solar heating panels and other sources of renewable energy. If the product ranges available in the catalogue do not fully respond to the specific need, we can design and develop a product “to measure”, so as to satisfy any customer requirement. Fast and reliable delivery times are among our main objectives, achieved by continuously updated production planning and an extremely vertical manufacturing process (everything is made in-house), ensuring a highly flexible system.Constant research into new technologies, the professionalism acquired and development of know-how means we can satisfy the needs of leading companies in the heating and air-conditioning sectors, providing a compete outsourced production cycle and specific Boilernova processing methods for the construction of the required products.  


Boilernova has defined its future as the "Solar Project", involving considerable investments in coming years in both the development of new products and the implementation and updating of the manufacturing process.

This project includes a complete offering of storage cylinders and buffer tanks for use in solar heating systems for the production of domestic hot water and central heating, with capacities up to 5,000 litres, constructional solutions that ensure maximum efficiency both in terms of heat exchange and storage (low pressure drop and limited heat loss).To ensure efficient control and management of the solar heating system, the range is completed by a series of accessories, from return and outlet water connection kits to solar heating control units, with operating features that allow them to be adapted to all system solutions.


Our headquarters are in Via dell’Industria, number 1/L, 37059, Zevio (VR) Italy

Tel. +39. 045 7850063 Extension 0 (2 for English)
Fax +39. 045 6050266


Boilernova is constantly committed to striving for quality, from the raw materials and components used to the manufacturing cycle and finished product testing. Moreover, the technology used is environmentally friendly. All storage cylinders are made using materials in compliance with the standards in force (DIN 4753 / UNI 9905 / UNI 10025) and are water pressure tested at 1.5 times the maximum rated operating pressure, in accordance with the PED directive (97/23/EC).